Genç Işıl Tekstil facilities equipped with the latest technology , professional staff engaged in the manufacture and export of all kinds of knitted fabrics in Turkey is one of the leading manufacturers . Especially the Genç Işıl Tekstil specializes in knitted fabric , yarn, knitting, dyeing , dyeing, printing and finishing by completing the investment in an integrated follow fabric manufacturer and a brand that is recognized all around the world has become . The head office is in Istanbul /Beylikdüzü Flat ‘s of company located in Istanbul / Zeytinburnu ‘ also has branches in .

Genç Işıll Tekstil each stage of production in the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System by implementing customer satisfaction and product quality to the highest level carries . Genç Işıl Tekstil, at all stages of product tracking systems and automation applications and deadlines , without sacrificing quality and fast service continues to produce .

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